Stay on task with Instant Boss

Sometimes you can get more done with two hours of sustained effort than you can in an entire day.  There’s a great little free computer application called Instant Boss that helps keep you on task.  Like a real boss, it tells you when to work and when to take breaks. Here’s how it works:

  • You tell The Boss how long you think you can work without getting distracted, how long of a break you need, and how many times to repeat the cycle.  For example, maybe you decide to work for 25 minutes, take a five minute break, and repeat that four times.  That gives you a total work session of two hours.
  • You start the timer
  • The Boss tells you when it’s time to take a break
  • The Boss tells you when it’s time to get back to work
  • The Boss tells you when you’re done for the day

 This is a beautiful thing for those of us who do well with timers, but aren't so good about setting them for breaks - or setting them again afterward. There is a bit of flexibility in case your good intentions are unrealistic.  You can tell it you want to extend your break, or skip your break, or stop the clock to answer the phone.  But try your best to follow the schedule.  The results will be worth it.