Adult ADHD (or Adult ADD)? Childhood ADHD? ADHD coaching can help.

Whether you're an executive struggling with time management, a student drowning in homework, or a parent pulling your hair out, there's an ADHD Solutions coach who can help. Contact us to be matched with the best coach for you.
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About Us

Every ADHD coach at ADHD Solutions has met the rigorous criteria for certification by the Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaching (IAAC), the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE), and/or the International Coach Federation (ICF). We've graduated from accredited life coach and ADHD coach training programs, and have thousands of hours and many years of coaching experience. We're passionate about helping people with ADHD make positive changes in their lives.

During your free initial consultation, we'll discuss your needs and preferences, and which ADHD coach seems like the best fit for you. You'll then have an opportunity to meet with that coach independently at no additional charge. Whom to work with is completely up to you.

Keep reading to learn more about the ADHD coaching team at ADHD Solutions.


Beth Main - Certified ADHD Coach

Beth Main, CAC

Beth Main is a board certified ADHD Coach and the founder of ADHD Solutions. She helps people with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder develop the skills, systems, and strategies they need to overcome their challenges and achieve success. Based in south central Pennsylvania, Beth works with people all over the United States and other English-speaking countries via phone or Skype. She meets with local clients in her Camp Hill office.

Beth received her ADHD coaching certification from the Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaching (IAAC), which was the first independent worldwide ADHD coach credentialing organization. She also holds the Board Certified Coach designation from the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE). These credentials recognize Beth's advanced training and experience, and represent her ongoing commitment to excellence in coaching. She completed her life coach training at The Coaches Training Institute, accredited by the International Coach Federation. She trained as an ADHD coach with Sandy Maynard, Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, and Susan Sussman, all well known pioneers in the ADHD coaching field. Additionally, she holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Shippensburg University. She is a member of the ACO, ADDA, CHADD, and The Edge Foundation.

Some people with ADHD need more emotional support than coaching is intended to provide. In order to help her clients with the full range of issues that come with having ADHD, including co-existing conditions like depression and anxiety, Beth is currently working on her master's degree in Counseling. She expects to graduate and begin providing psychotherapy in addition to coaching in 2015.

Prior to following her dream of becoming a coach in 2006, Beth had a successful career as an Information Technology Project Manager / Business Analyst for a retirement services firm. She held progressively responsible positions with the same company for 18 years. That is where she learned to overcome her own focus challenges and ultimately mentored others to do the same. This first career prepared her well: identifying and resolving problems, developing and improving processes, and motivating people are all skills she now utilizes as an ADHD coach. She knows firsthand how to make it in the corporate world despite having ADHD.


Claudette Pelletier-Hannah - Associate ADHD Coach

Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

Claudette Pelletier-Hannah brings her passion for health and wellness to her work as an ADHD coach. Adequate sleep, healthy eating, and regular exercise are critical components of any ADHD management plan. Claudette's personal commitment to wellness practices, as well as her experience in wellness coaching and training, contribute to her success as an ADHD coach.

Mindfulness is another aspect that is core to Claudette's work and life. She created a program specifically about mindful eating, called "The Taste of Now." Mindfulness and meditation are practices that help create calm, and reduce anxiety, overwhelm and mind fullness – essential for living well with ADHD.

Claudette received her life coach training from Coach U, a leading, global, coach training organization accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She graduated in 2001, and continues to participate in training from both Coach U and the ICF. She trained as an ADHD coach with Susan Sussman, a leading pioneer in the ADHD coaching field. She is a member of the International Coach Federation, the Edmonton Association of Professional Coaches and Alberta Health Services Weight Wise Community Network.

Integral to the value Claudette brings to ADHD Solutions is group facilitation. Working with groups has always been part of her offering, as well as a great source of satisfaction. Claudette has facilitated programs for government, corporate, educational and public audiences. And now she brings her skills and enthusiasm for group dynamics as the coach/facilitator of the ADHD Solutions "Crush Your ADD" program.

Prior to becoming a coach, Claudette worked as a graphic designer. She continues to express her creative side as a coach, writer and an artist, and enjoys working with creative people.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Claudette works with people all over North America via phone and Skype.


Sally McAfee - Associate ADHD Coach for Kids and Teens

Sally McAfee

Sally McAfee, M.Ed. has worked with young people and families for over 30 years. Her specialty is helping children, teens, and families overcome the challenges presented by Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder. She's adept at bringing out the strengths in her ADHD clients.

As a school counselor for over 20 years, Sally created a guidance department in a middle school and implemented "circle justice" district-wide as an alternative to the traditional disciplinary process. Working with students with learning differences increased her sensitivity and responsiveness to the unique way each individual understands and perceives the world.

Recognizing the gifts embedded in the challenges of learning differences and ADHD deepened Sally's commitment and ability to help her clients discover and build on their innate talents to transcend their challenges. Empowering young people, families and staff to learn to communicate and problem solve was one of the most satisfying elements of her counseling career.

Sally earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Bucknell University and a Masters degree in Counseling from Antioch University. She is a graduate of both CoachU and The Six Advisors Coaching Academy. Additionally, she completed training with Jodi Sleeper-Triplett (JST Coaching) on coaching youth with ADHD.

Sally thrives on learning, and her greatest passion is to enable people to expand their own possibilities.



"The benefit has been tremendous. [ADHD coaching with Beth] has taken me out of the fear and into confidence.  It's like the way a flower blooms - it comes up out of the ground.  These little flowers are blooming everywhere now, effortlessly."  (P.S., Educational Technologist, Velarde NM)

"Having Beth as my ADHD coach has really helped me get my priorities straight and focus on what I want to accomplish in life. She has been so helpful and practical in helping me to not only manage my time better but to manage my life better. Now I can look and see just where I am each week and readjust if I am not doing what is really important to me." (M.W., Teacher, Raleigh NC)

"I had been struggling with undiagnosed ADHD all my life. What I have learned through coaching is that small steps in the direction you want to go is the way to accomplish goals. Without a coach, I was easily side tracked on a daily basis, but with a coach, it is more realistic to make the shifts in thinking to make my life work more efficiently. Thanks Claudette!" (E.D., Realtor, Mechanicsburg PA)

"The ideas you come up with are like magic. It's like you're pulling rabbits out of a hat!" (C.D., Broker, New York NY)

"Beth entirely reformed my outlook on life, and that gave me my own motivation to remodel my lifestyle for the better." (M.C., Student, Shippensburg PA)

"Beth has a very calming 'we're in this together as a team' approach. She's a great listener, challenges your thinking, and shows you ways of seeing things from other angles. Very helpful in offering suggestions and strategies." (P.J., Information Technology Consultant, Harrisburg PA)

"Thank you so much for being my coach. It is obvious that you have had more training than others I have talked with and it is very interesting for me to think about the difference in results – along with what you bring out of me! You've done a lot of questioning to help move me along, and it is making me more aware of other places I get stuck." (L.M., Coach, Centreville VA)